About Me

Pulkit Kumar

Passionate about software development.
Love playing around in different programming languages and love challanges.
Used to participate capture the flag (CTF) events.

My Career

Peer Tutor @ Lambton College

Helping students in college in clearing there doubts.
Taking one on one tutoring sessions with students and helping them in there understanding there problems and clearing there doubts.

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Oct 2018 - April 2019

Student Researcher @ Lambton College

Working with Integra Technology to work on there mobile ERP system, FlangeTrak.
App is optimized for tablet, and made in latest language Kotlin, following the android architecture pattern.

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Aug 2018 - April 2019

Post Graduation, Mobile Application Design and Development @ Lambton College

Learning about iOS and Android app development
GPA 3.915/4.0
Second prize in hackathon organized by college. Developed an app for blind people.

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Jan 2018 - Sept 2019

Online Certificaion, Android Developer Nanodegree @ Udacity

Certificaion program, helped in developing, Android developer skills.
Got support from mentors and projects, were monitored, by the udacity team.

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Jan 2016 - Jan 2017

Android Developer Intern @ TaxiVaxi

Worked on the main B2C app, which was taxi aggregator app, where a person can book cabs (OLA, Uber and Local Taxi) from one app only. Worked on moving the app to MVP architecture and fixing high priority bugs.
Developed B2B apps from scratch, which helped the companies B2B initiative.

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June 2016 - Sept 2016

Graduation, Bachelor of Computer Application @ Bikram Collge

Graduated, with learning, web and mobile technology.
Part of Google Developer Group, and also Firefox student ambassador
Took part in various, workshops organized by Google India, and hackathons.
Won scholarship from Google India, and a global Firebass ARG Challange (CTF style challange) organized by Google, leading to free tickets to Google IO 2017.

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Jun 2014 - Jun 2017



This is a mobile ERP system, developed for Integra Technology.
This app is developed under research project under Lambton College.
Details of the project can be accessed under the link.


Company had 2 parts. Worked on B2C model, by doing bug fixes, performance improvements and reduced the size of app. Also converted the code to MVC android architecture.
Worked from scratch on B2B model. Made 3 apps, named: Corporate approver, Employee and Admin app.

Toronto Waste Wizard

App which helps in deciding, which colored bin to put the waste in.

Firebase UI

Helped google's repo, by contributing to the open source code.